Varlac Super Synthetic Enamels

Varlac Super Synthetic Enamel is based on Synthetic Alkyd Resins. This paint dry by oxidative polymerisation. A versatile product which gives tough, smooth and glossy film. Available in a variety of shades. Used as house hold paint and industrial coatings on wood, metal and concrete.

Varlac Stoving Enamels

Varlac Stoving Enamel is based on Alkyd and Amino Resins. This paint dries only on baking. Available in glossy, semi glossy and matt finishes. This paint system gives an excellent protective and decorative coating to equipments, furniture, machinery etc. at economic costs. Widely used by original equipment manufacturers. Available in a variety of shades.

Varlac Epoxy Systems

These are paints based on Epoxy Resins. It is chemically curing at room temperature. Supplied in two packs. Epoxy paints give excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, water and oil. Used in areas where very good chemical resistance is required. ‘Varlac’ Epoxy systems range from high build systems for marine freight containers to economic coating systems for equipments and furniture.

Varlac Chlorinated Rubber Paints

Varlac chlorinated rubber paint is based on chlorinated rubber. This is a thermoplastic composition and is an air drying system. This paint has very good alkali and acid resistance. Also resistant to salt water, moisture and mechanical strain. Used as a chemical resistant coating in industries where special resistance properties are required.

Varlac Coal Tar Epoxy Paint

It is an Epoxy system modified with coal tar. It is chemically curing. Is a two pack system and is air drying. Very resistant to chemicals, water and moisture. It is recommended for use in areas where very good chemical and water resistance is required and black colour is not objectionable.

Varlac Bituminous Paint

This product is based on bitumen. It is physically drying. It has good resistance to water and moisture. Recommended for use in areas where good water and moisture resistance is required and black colour is acceptable.

Auto Fin Auto Finish

Auto Fin Auto Finish is based on aspecially formulated synthetic resin and high opacity light fast pigments.This is a super quick setting enamel and offers super economy and finish, excellent gloss and colour retention properties.

Rich Wood
Single Pack Polyurethane Wood Finish

This is a Single Pack Polyurethane wood lacquer based on polyurethane modified synthetic resin. It is chemically curing and fast drying. This wood finish possesses optimum mar profness and stain resistance. Fine application on furniture and wooden fixtures.

Varlac Water Thinnable Cement Primer

Varlac Water Thinnable Cement Primer is based on an alkali resistanct acrlic co-polimer and is water base. The product is for use mainly as undercoat on interior cement plaster surfaces. It can also be used on plywoods, asbetosetc.

Rich Wood
Two Pack Melaminised Wood Finish
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Rich Wood Melaminised Wood Finish is a two pack acid catalysed system. It is chemically curing and dries fast. It possesses excellent scratch resistance, alcohol and oil resistance. It enhances the natural beauty of wood. It is widely used in quality wooden furniture and accessories.

Vartex Matt Exterior Texture Finish

Vartex Matt Exterior Paint is a medium texture Acrylic Exterior Finish. It is ecofriendly and devoid of VOC. The special acrylic binder used in Vartexmatt paint provides excellent adhesion properties without the risk of flaking and chalking. It has got excellent UV resistance, anti - fungal properties and moisture and salt water resistance. It protects and enhances the beauty of the exteriors.

Ecomate Acrylic Exterior Emulsion

Ecomate Acrylic Exterior Emulsion is an economically priced 100% Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Paint pigmented with high opacity, lightfast pigments. This exterior emulsion paintt forms a tough and flexible film with excellent bonding to the substrate. It provides best protection against algae and fungi. It has also excellent antifading and antiflaking properties.

Other Products {short description of image}
Our product range include a host of other products such as
Anticorossive primers such as Epoxy Primers, Yellow Zinc Chromate primer, Red Oxide Zinc Chromate primer, Zinc Chromate Primer, Zinc Phosphate Primer, MIO Primers etc.

Wood and Metal Primers

Water Thinnable cement Primers

Etch Primers

Primer Surfacers

Metal pre-treatment Preparations

Anticorrosive chassis paints

Wood preservatives

Floor Paints

Tile Coatings

Novelty finishes like Polychromatic Finishes, Wrinkle finishes, stipple paints, Flamboyant finishes etc.

All types of thinners

Wide range of tailor made specialty coatings